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About Lazuli Vane

Lazuli Vane is the newest project and pseudonym of producer/songwriter/frontman Patrick Taylor, best known for his band Trash Panda. The name plays on both the vanity and changeability (think “weather vane') of self-reflective identity and the deep, mind opening blue hues of a Lapis Lazuli stone. It's choice was informed partly by the spiritual qualities commonly associated with lapis lazuli stone and by the main character in George MacDonald's 1895 novel “Lilith.” Primarily inspired by a near death experience during a traumatic brain infection and subsequent coma and surgery in 2010, Vane began an inner search; this project will be a distillation of 9 years of that search. Vane's first LP is set to release sometime in 2019.

Trash Panda began in 2015, the year Taylor experienced several months of seizure medication induced dissociation, which gave birth to the song "Off," followed by several other songs which would become the band’s debut EP.. After becoming roommates on Craigslist, Patrick asked Mitch Standfield to play drums on the recordings, and coinciding with several raccoon attacks on their deck, Trash Panda was born. Just before the viral success of "Giuseppe" Patrick ran into long time friend Max Hewett at a party and recruited him to play bass. The band quickly solidified as a trio and began a creative journey, recording the 2018 follow up to the Off EP, entitled The Starclimber, in a house they rented in Roswell, Georgia. Taylor engineered and produced the LP, which came out in early 2018. Trash Panda came to a soft ending in early 2018, after the release of the record. Since that time, Trash Panda’s audience has only grown, making it clear that Trash Panda’s music - Taylor’s songwriting and production - has some staying power.