Atlanta-based indie/psych/pop/experimental artist Lazuli Vane, known for fronting and producing viral sensation Trash Panda, is releasing the much-anticipated music video for his debut single, “Snakes.” It features rich symbolism and bright colors with a fun quasi-horror-psychedelic-cult-film feel, and is releasing May 3rd.

The video, directed by Lazuli with director of photography David Thompson (known by the handle @impossiblesoul), focuses on personal transformation. In a pink tile bathroom we see the artist in a bout of psychosis, drawing eyes on his face with eyeliner and applying makeup and lipstick. Live pythons drape over light fixtures and Lazuli's body. We see shots of his face, now green and mustached, floating at the center of a jerkily spinning pink and yellow painted mandala made of snakes and cartoonish, almost paleolithic eyes. Rife with symbolism and intention, the video’s climax occurs as Vane goes catatonic in a black-water bathtub, pythons slithering around his legs. Taking cues from cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jungian psychology, It’s conclusion and surprise ending features Vane in deep meditation atop a bare mountain, with wind sounds and a poetic voice over. The video concludes with the seemingly absurd line “for now we swim like birds, but soon we will both be fish,” referring to a psychological return to the depths of the unconscious. The video is slated to be released at the beginning of May.

About the video, Lazuli Vane said, “Making this video was an affair of shadow work for me. I was confronting a lot of my unconscious drives and some of the personality traits which have bitten me on the heel, so to speak. It was also a chance for me to give vent to some of the personal pain I'd felt in recent years as a result of trusting some of the wrong people. Overall though, I still wanted it to be fun. It's lighthearted at the core; it's not a self-serious, sanctimonious, self-righteous thing I'm going for...I'm really just trying to tell a redemptive, transformative story. The past year has been a time of huge personal transformation for me.”

Lazuli Vane is a moniker adopted by Trash Panda creator, producer, and front man Patrick Taylor in 2018. Vane fuses aspects of classic pop, lo-fi indie, and psychedelia together in his bedroom studio, producing a sound which is infectious and somewhat experimental, though rooted in pop form. His debut single takes a stab at untrustworthy relations and explores the seasons of life when things just aren’t lining up right. When life feels like a strange dream or a nightmare. It celebrates the process of restarting when you need an overhaul. Featuring Max Hewett on bass and Paul Wagner on drums, it was recorded partly at Aaron and Nancy Hill’s Green House Atlanta and partly at Lazuli Vane’s home studio. The single’s cover art was created by Daniel Plascencia. The song was released in October of 2018 and has since grown in popularity on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist as well as over a thousand independently curated playlists.