Lazuli Vane interview on Voyage ATL

“…Since then, I’ve wandered a lot because, in college, I had a brain infection and fell into a coma. My neighbors found me just in time, only because in my swollen-brained agitation I ripped the faucet off the sink in my apartment. Hot water was spraying all over the room and dripped onto my lower neighbors face while he slept. The fire department broke down the door and only about half an hour later, I was in surgery. It took me several months to recover and I still occasionally have problems caused by the incident, but since then I’ve had an intimate and curious relationship with death, which I explore in my art…“

ArtsATL Features "Snakes"

“…Culled from the ashes of Trash Panda’s carefree, indie-pop demeanor, Patrick Taylor emerges as Lazuli Vane — whose kaleidoscope of sounds eclipse easy categorization. The multifaceted vocalist, guitarist, producer and engineer released “Snakes,” which playfully expands on elements of psychedelic pop and experimental recording techniques, as a debut. Max Hewett (ex-Trash Panda) slaps the bass on this one, along with Paul Wagner on drums…”

How did it come to this?

While studying in Boston, I had a near death experience which resulted from an arduous brain infection, and recovered after an emergency surgery. I was unconscious for three days while healing.

This set me on an inquisitive, sense-making path into life and the nature of reality, and made me insatiable for experiences which could shed light on existence. The journey led me through many religions, meditative practices, through books, through conversations with fascinating people, through certain physical and mental austerities, through the use of psychedelic compounds, through the artistic process, through the exploration of the foundations of human language, through an attempt to understand the ancient history of our species, through a fascination with physical laws and especially quantum phenomena, through a huge steaming heap of solitude, and through interpersonal experiments of one kind or another.