Indie infused art rock, Lazuli Vane is quite an interesting musician. Lazuli Vane, colliding the two worlds of the beautiful lapis lazuli stone and the main protagonist Vane in George MacDonald's novel "Lilith" creates the everlasting creation of Lazuli Vane himself. Also the front man in psychedelic rock band Trash Panda who shut their door to the music world after the release of their first album "The Starclimber". With only four singles released, Lazuli Vane is working towards dropping his first EP this year. Songs like "Evangeline" with angelic guitar riffs will make you want to lay in the sun and idolize where you wish you were instead of where you're currently laying your being. Lazuli Vane flips the switch and continues to make full on bops but who's to hate on a political twist? First song released in 2019, "Weird World (The Rape of America)", has bits of Donald Trump's haunting controversial speeches floating in the background. Somehow while Lazuli Vane is begging Trump to come clean I'm nodding my head along to that oh so smooth bass. Absolutely and utterly pumped to the brim like your next door neighbors lifted Ford F-150 tires for the release of Lazuli Vane's their first EP this year.

REZANTE Favorite: Weird World (The Rape of America), a great way to communicate our current state while continuing to allow me to dance.